Summer Days 🌊

90* vitamin-d rays beaming down on your freckled skin..

Ocean blue skies splattered with white cotton candy clouds, endless blue ocean waves sweeping in and out on the flip side..

Warm sands squishing in between tiny toes..

Long summer days for the next 90 days, a much needed season after a rainy hibernation..

Sherbet pink and orange sunsets..

Bonfire sparks swirling up into the midnight black scape, like fireflies..

Hoodies worn while toasting marshmallows, smiles and laughter going around..

Hell Yeah, summer has arrived. Are you ready?

Me and you on an island
With the ocean color stuck in your iris
We’re comfortable in silence
But I prefer when we wilding
Sundress, nothing underneath as we undress
You could look in my eyes see I’m some mess
Couple of broken people
Trying to complete each other
Under one breath…” -Martin Garrix ft. Patrick Stump & Macklemore

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