Listening to Coming Home by Falling In Reverse, eyes closed and thoughts begin to play like flashes…


Standing in the center of the aisle in the train, looking up I see you through the door window in the next car over. This staring game intense, electrifying. A blinding beam shoots from my chest, one shoots from yours and an undeniable storm builds as the beams collide…


Floating beside the burning stars pinned along the universe’s endless atmosphere. These Jetpack Blues spiral around me, earth spinning before my eyes is a vision. Another luminous teal beam travels through every galaxy, reflecting off of my Astronaut’s helmet. The blinding glare causing tears to escape from these ducts. The signal of where you are, of where home is…


Sitting on an iron bench, soaking in the magnetic beauty surrounding these infinite gardens. The sweet perfume intertwining itself with the warm summer breeze. Your shadow appears beside mine, my heart pounding as our hands meet. Without a single word every feeling is expressed, a silence so loud that it could be heard around the world. Our heads turn, the attraction Unbreakable. Our last first kiss…

Pretty baby, you’re my heavy ocean
Weigh me down and give me your devotion
Tell me the things that you want
I give you all that I’ve got
Open your eyes, then you will see
It’s just you and me…” -Imagine Dragons

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