Purple Lightning ⚡

There you were once again, making an appearance in my subconscious sanctum…

Sitting on the warming summer sands, watching the waves crash in and out as my freckles soaked in the last rays of the fireball in the sky, you sat right next to me, asked me what thoughts were distracting my mind…

Part of me wanted to stay silent, another part wanted to lie with one single word “nothing”. Trying to be quick with some response I simply went with the “nothing” option. I hate to lie, it makes my stomach twist into fisherman’s knots…

You changed positions, now sitting behind me, wrapping your arms around me, kissed the fairy tattoo on my neck and inquired a second time as to what thoughts were spinning in my mind…

Like the walls of Jericho, my mind cracked open and the thoughts came spilling out like sand from a broken hourglass. I tried to remain guarded, but apparently this action is impossible in your presence…

Feeling completely drained, awkward and raw, you held me tighter while spilling your thoughts to my ears…

Content in my sanctum, safe in your arms, the love was bolting through our veins like purple lightning…

Fuck me up and make me just go crazy
Addicted to the pain that you just made me love
I’m fiendin’ for your touchin’ on the daily
You’re the only one that I want

It’s hard to miss you when you are always on the tip of my tongue
I feel like I’m looking for somethin’, somethin’ that’ll never come…” -Lil Peep, ILoveMakonnen & Fall Out Boy

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