If I Die Before We Meet 🖤

Hey Handsome, how is life and the life-like zombies that roam been treating you? So, I know that we haven’t yet met, but I find myself thinking about you. Moments of golden silence cause my daydreaming mind to imagine what you may look like, imagine what your voice may sound like.

A three minute and eight second daydream teleports my mind into wondering what it would feel like to allow my personal walls to shut down or even become completely demolished. To be able to be myself without feeling suffocated by the thoughts of another’s evil plot to destroy my human heart and mechanical mind.

Moments flash on and off of becoming lost in the therapeutic waves crashing against the warm sun-setting sands. My glance is temporarily captured by couples of both young and wise love, holding hands in deep conversation. Will that couple ever be you and I?

Hold on my dear, I’m coming home. Don’t let your fears take control… -Falling in Reverse

In a moment of nerding out over the newest Fast and Furious movie or rocking out to the newest single from The Chainsmokers, I wonder what movies or music make you nerd out and rock out. Stopping by the local coffee shop or eating out at a favorite restaurant, the sounds of families creating infinite memories tugs at my heart strings. I ponder if one day I will have the honor of looking into your eyes as my lips speak those two life-changing words. A future filled with tiny feet sliding down the hallway at 6 am. Saturday morning pancakes and cartoons.

Endless memories created at the beach with soaked adventures, bonfires and way too many s’mores. Hands up in the air screams escaping excited mouths as we rocket through Space Mountain. Spooky times had and ghostly friends made at The Haunted Mansion and a “Yo-Ho” sing along with Jack Sparrow and all of the other Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the three am silence I wonder if this violent quiet would feel less malicious in the arms of your protective embrace. I wonder if my brain would slow down from speeds of a million miles per minute to possibly half a million miles per minute. That perhaps my heart would finally feel at ease and the scars that it’s punctured with would pulsate less.

Home is such a lonely place without you… -Blink 182

Question… Do you by any chance morph into a grown kid when the holidays roll in? Do you love a good scare in October? Do you enjoy the gathering of family and friends around a table filled with Thanksgiving traditions in November? Do you feel the snow covered magic of snuggling up on the couch with a mug of peppermint hot cocoa while watching Christmas classics like Home Alone and Die Hard by the glow of Christmas lights?

These are future snippets that I ponder from time to time. I don’t know who you are or where you reside. I don’t know what makes your heart beat or what thoughts I could purchase from your mind with my shiny penny. I do, however, know that when we eventually meet, the magnetic force will be undeniably electric.

However, if I should die before we meet, please know this… I have loved you from first thought.

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