Coffee & Concealer β˜•πŸ’‹

What do you do when you wake up and the first thought that pops into that half asleep mind of yours is, “Damn , it’s going to be one of those days.”. We’ve all had those mornings where the sunrises as that gray cloud begins hovering over our heads. For whatever the reason, those stormy days mischievously interrupt our scheduled days every once in a blue moon. So, how do you handle your cloud?

Option One: You could reschedule/ cancel any/ all of your existing appointments. Call in sick or take a personal from your 9-5. Stay in bed or laze about the house in your pj’s while you solitarily catch up on Orange is the New Black on Netflix and order in some Chinese or a large extra cheesy pizza (mmmm, a lovely cheese pizza, just for me). Avoid any and all contact with fellow humans, pretty much barricade yourself in your zone until your funky mood has passed. 24 hours of just you, that comfy couch and Hagen-daaz.

Option Two: You realize that it’s going to be a shitty day but, you get up and get ready anyways. Hot shower, that pair of “great ass” skinny jeans and that cute baseball style t-shirt that says, “Shop the Tacos”, first step in faking it. Long hair? Style it up in a cute yet messy bun. You know, those awesome buns that give the illusion that you spent 20 minutes styling your hair when it actually took you all of two minutes. Short hair? *me* Brush it out, shake your head around like you’re at a Fall Out Boy concert for a few seconds then give it a jooj and off you go. Grab a cute pair of Vans or boots (depending on the weather) and stage two is complete.

The third stage is simple and quick, accessorize those beautiful lashes with some jet black mascara, gloss those lips up with a cute pinky/peach liquid lipstick, grab your purse, those pink Beats headphones, cell phone, hoodie and keys then you’re ready. A quick pit stop to Starbucks for a venti iced Caramel macchiato along with the sausage croissant sandwich and breakfast is served.

Boom Baby! You are now ready to take on your crappy day with a glossed smile like a Boss!!

As the sun sets and you walk through your front door and drop your keys into the bowl, a relaxing sensation should start to wash over you. Shoes off and just enough energy in the tank to call for delivery for whatever you’re craving, turn the smart screen on and start Episode 2 of American Horror Story. Yessss…. the day is done. Tomorrow is new and yesterday is in the past.

Sometimes you’ve got to be a badass ninja and fake it. Keep the coffee flowing, put on some Rap, concealer in your clutch for all-day brightened/ awake eyes and handle your business. I call coffee my “liquid crack” and my concealer “magic in a bottle”. πŸ˜‰ You Know! πŸ˜‰

“If you got it flaunt it! If you don’t got it flaunt it.” -Mindy Kaling

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