Red Stained Rose

Boys and girls…

Warriors and Titans…

To those who have survived toxic relationships, who have superglued their busted hearts back together and filled the cracks with gold…

To those who have placed bandaids over the missing pieces and supercharged the beat back to a healed rhythm…

Those who have buried the pain that lies, infidelity and violent tempers created in the past…

To those who have fallen, rebuilt and rised like a brilliant Phoenix…

Please stand, place your hand over your heart and sing at the top of your lungs…

**Side note: as I proofed this I read it in the context of the announcer that says, “Let’s get ready to rumble” before a boxing match πŸ˜‚**

I’ll never give my all again
‘Cause I’m sick of falling down
When I open up and give my trust
They find a way to break it down
Tear me up inside, and you break me down…” -Trevor Daniel ft Blackbear

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