Zzzzz 🖤💋

As the glow of my laptop screen fades to darkness, my thoughts are saved, securely tucked away for the night…

My scars have tucked themselves deep beneath these titanium bones while my freckles play a midnight game of connect the dots…

A state of zen has stitched itself into my mind as I wash away the day from my face…

These tired eyes ready for a few hours of slumber as my sonar ears soak in these tunes that vibrate their Trench Mania…

A last glance at the star studded sky, a silent prayer sent to the universe and a deep breath of cool oxygen…

Here’s to the excitement of not knowing whether the dreams or nightmares will slip in tonight…

A kiss goodnight hopefully followed by sweet slumber.

“Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me…” -TØP

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