Erasable Promises

A thought slipped into my cerebral today…what if my tattoos were created with erasable ink…

What if instead of tiny ink molecules embedded into my skin, it was erasable ink that was drawn on the outer layer of my freckled skin…

In this case, this scenario, my curiosities began to flow, my mind began to ponder. I envisioned the ink on my arm slowly disappear, from the tail “a” of somnia working it’s way to the capital “C” of carpe. Then each defining number fading, attached to the life line..gone. How crazy that now my arm is once again a blank canvas. How dangerous that the imprinted promise has been deleted.

Now let’s travel to the back…Jack & Sally on Spiral Hill, an unconditional and eternal love. This tattoo representing the deep faith in love that my heart holds, this ink a reminder to never give up on love even during the most doubtful moments. Each spiral dissolved, each silhouette of those two souls diminished into nothingness. How sad that this hopeful piece is deceased. How dangerous that this reminder is no longer there to get me through the confusion.

How crazy this thought of mine, erasable ink vs. embedded permanent promises.

So look me in the eyes, tell me what you see
Perfect paradise, tearin’ at the seams
I wish I could escape, I don’t wanna fake it
Wish I could erase it, make your heart believe
But I’m a bad liar…” – Imagine Dragons

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