Simon Lied

Simon says… “I’ll love you no matter what, forever & always…”

Simon says… “No matter what, I promise to never hurt you, lie to you, disrespect you, cheat on you or tear your spirit down…”

Simon says… “My arms will always be your safe place, you’ll always feel protected in my embrace…”

Simon says… “We will reside on equal ground where you can convey your dreams and thoughts without the fear of judgement or apprehension. I promise to always listen to your ideas and nightmares with no intention of dismay…”

Simon says… “I am not one of those violent tempered assholes, I won’t ever name call or make decisions for you. I’ll never make you feel like an insignificant soul or make you feel like your trapped under a Stockholm thumb…”

Simon says… “You’ll never feel alone again. You’re home…”

Simon lied.

I found no cure for the loneliness, I found no cure for the sickness. Nothin’ here feels like home, crowded streets, but I’m all alone… -MGK

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