Convincing Wonderland

Convince my mind that all of these doubtful fragments supergluing themselves together, creating toxic thoughts, is merely an illusion of past experiences…

Convince my heart that all of these gold stitched scars, missing pieces and empty palpitations are all worth it…

Convince my soul that it’s purple flame will once again glow furiously, that this dimmed state it currently resides in won’t last forever…

Convince me that one day this seemingly endless and hopeless journey through Wonderland will have a meaningful end. One day I’ll find my Mad Hatter. One day I’ll feel whole again, that this loneliness will disappear…

Convince me that all of the above scenarios will earn that A+ at the top of the paper…

Every cog inside of my porcelain skeleton are losing hope…

Convince me…please.

Just like fire, burning out the way
If I can light the world up for just one day…” -Pink

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