A reminder on World Poetry Day. I hope these words inspire your mind and ignite the bonfire inside your heart. πŸ’›

genuinely derra

Be the one who dares to not just bend the ordinary, but obliterates it. The one who defies the rules and regulations that society has so unthoughtfully typed out for us. When judgments forbid you from turning left, go left. When fears manipulate you into crying, fire that smile in a blinding fashion.

Be the one who takes their beaten past and turns it into the story of the century. A story that fuels and reignites lost bonfires. A story that creates the warmest comforting hug in a space of loneliness and doubt.

Be a booming voice that breaks off the padlocks from the silenced ones. Pass out the logo hoodies, glow sticks and beanies. Be the one who turns up the bass on those healing tunes and hands out microphones for all to sing along. Release the giant beach balls into the crowd and unleash the confetti from the…

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