Cotton Candy Clouds

Let’s take a break from this stressed out thing called adulting and time warp back to the days of innocent simplicity…

To the days of portraying a tiny Italian plumber who’s mission was to save a peachy princess from a power hungry Bowser…

To the days of raising our virtual Tamagotchi in between flipping Pogs and capturing the ultimate Pokemon collection…

To the days when our every day goal was to stay outside well after the sun tucked itself into bed as we hung with our four-legged furry best friends…

To the days when we banged on drums, rocking out to “I’m just a girl”. Days when we showed off our Lisa Frank backpacks, folders and filled Trapper Keepers…

Yeah, those good ol’ days.

We use to play pretend, give each other different names, we would build a rocketship and then we’d fly it far away… -Twenty One Pilots

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