Quizzical Paper Lanterns

The song is playing, between the lyrics and music my ears and brain are in heaven..

A certain segment beautifully tucked into the pocket of the hook captures my backup attention which starts churning the gears in my cranium..

Within those select lyrics a trigger is pulled. I can hear the pocket watch hidden in my right eardrum ticking away. The tic’s speed isn’t quick nor is it sloth like, but more of a content medium..

This, of course, lights up several paper lanterns in my cerebral. These floating glowing curiosities are quizzical..

Why is my heart still beating..why are my lungs still breathing..

Am I still surviving for myself..for my family..for my friends..

Am I still surviving because what I’m writing is needing to be written, to be shared with others. Is it actually possible that these words of mine have substance..

Am I still surviving for someone I have yet to meet..an encounter to a future that is in the process of unfolding..

All these lanterns glowing quizzically..

The timer on the stove has gone off meaning dinner is ready, my attention has now been pulled from inside my mind and placed back to reality..

Hey Youngblood doesn’t it feel like our time is running out, I’m gonna change you like a remix then I’ll raise you like a Phoenix… -Fall Out Boy

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