Reverse Valentine

World: “So, tomorrow…? You ok?”

Me: “I know… and yeah, I’m ok. I’m just going to treat tomorrow as any typical Thursday.”

World: “You should go out, maybe grab a bite to eat or catch a movie.”

Me: “Nah, I’ve got a busy day ahead. Plus, I just feel like staying in. Going to cook up a nice pasta dinner, watch a movie, listen to the rain. I’m good with staying in.”

World: “You know, you’re going to meet someone that will make this day special again. It won’t always hurt.”

Me: “I love your optimism world.”

World: “I’m serious…you will love this day again. You’ll love Love again.”

Me: “I know…I hope.”

World: “Is that pie your eating? Looks good.”

Me: “Yep, it’s peach. You wanna slice?”

World: “Rule #1 in life, never turn down pie. And, um, whipped cream?”

Me: “True. And yes, it’s in the fridge.”

World: “You’re going to fall in love Derra, soon too. You watch.”

Me: “Shhh, Donnie Darko is on…and I hope so.”

Tell me something sweet to get me by… -A Day to Remember

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