Guts & Zipped Lips

I’ve been trying to write something, anything for the past week, but the words won’t coalesce, these emotions refuse to exude from my heart..

This past week I’ve been wanting nothing more than to feel everything, yet remain feeling only an ounce or two. Content with the joy and eagerness in creating written pieces that are beginning to connect and inspire others is truly amazing. Unexpected. I am left humbled by this..

Yet, even with the beautiful distraction of conjuring up my career, this particular emotion residing in my heart is resilient in its stubbornness. A predicament this has been..

You don’t know that I’ve dreamt of you, too often, too many nights..

You don’t know that I silently prayed for your travels to be safe and that you return home safely as you were on your journey last summer. While I pray here and there, the last time my prayers were consistent like that was when I was a kid saying prayers before bed..

You have no idea how thoughts of you sporadically stir up my mind throughout the day causing confused chaos..

This past week my heart has been beating twice as loud. It’s exhilarating, yet somehow I’m feeling defeated by this battle between guts and zipped lips..

Sitting here amongst the 48* breeze waiting for this fresh storm to roll in, I close my eyes in hopes of finding some clue at to what to do..

Laying back in this chair, hoodie on, breathing in this extra brisk air..My mind continues to dream of you while my heart sends out a love song. These tunes calmingly vibrate my veins as the moon’s faded shine glows under my eyelids..

In the sound of silence we find sanctuary. In the words unspoken, love.. -Josh Walker

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