10 PM Daydream

Hear that…the sound of each raindrop falling from the darkened gray cumulus covered sky. Millions upon millions of clear droplets tapping and trickling down the windows, so peaceful even inspiring.

Mesmerized by this storm I temporarily close my laptop and pause the blue tunes. No distraction to detour my thoughts away from Mother Nature’s halftime show.

My thoughts morph into pondering…lightbulbs beginning to glow as your image welcomingly invades my mind. Flashes of you and I in each other’s arms becoming lost within rainy night conversation, nothing else mattering in those frozen moments.

Just you and I…

Thunder booming..

Snap back to reality, back to the glow of a laptop screen and the sound of Patrick’s soulful vocals singing of wristbands and hard to quit habits. Back to pulling out reminiscent memories in attempts to morph them into a interesting read. Back to that SoCal downpour infinitely soothing the double scars on either side of my freckled spine where wings once use to reside.

You’re the one habit I just can’t kick…I’m gonna need a boost ’cause everything else is a substitute for your love… -Fall Out Boy

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