The Process & Kryptonite πŸ’‹

Today Readeropolis featured Dear You over on their blog along with a guest post and all the inside scoop. Head on over to their site to get the 411 on all things books. Below are the two hot topic questions most bloggers inquire about. Enjoy! πŸ–€

What is your writing kryptonite?

Oh man, let me tell you…I have the worst habbit of writing the perfectly imperfect piece and then wanting to take it a step further resulting in screwing it up. I’m always finding myself in a state of thinking that whatever piece I write could be better, a tweak here and there, then just like that I’m hitting the delete button. I’ve learned along the way of when to tweak and when to leave well enough alone. There have been a few times where I have driven myself absolutely bananas from rewriting a piece seven times over, literally seven time.

What is your writing process?

My writing process is simple…Step one: get yourself a caramel macchiato (hot or iced depending on your mood). Step two: select which pair of headphones you’re feeling; earbuds or the OG Beats. Step three: the choosing of the perfect playlist. Depending on the context of what you’re writing, select that playlist that will match the tone for maximum inspiration. For example, today while answering these question, which is a mixture of light and deep, Eminem is the mood. Final step: write in whatever zone feels most comfortable and inspiring. Sometimes my zone is at home, sometimes it’s at the coffee shop and sometimes it’s found at the beach. Then just hit play and let the words flow onto your glowing canvas.

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