Truth Serum

Don’t focus on my smile…

It has mastered the art of smirking happily, reversing the shape of these sometimes anxious lined lips.

Don’t focus on my words…

They are trained to articulate contentment and humor in a flowing poetic manner, morphing the thoughts that resonate with stress, sadness, grief and heartache.

Don’t focus on my heart…

Even though the past bullets have left numerous scars, each have been stitched with fiber optic thread, transforming its bruised graveyard into a luminous fireworks show.

Don’t focus on my laughter…

It’s cute courageousness will deflect your senses from thinking that anything is wrong.

However, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Focus on my embrace…

These arms that hug will place you in the loop, sometimes a tighter embrace is revealing.

Focus on my eyes…

With all the storms I’ve been pulled into..with all of the curveballs that have been thrown..with all the life lessons that have been taught and imprinted, these hazel irises were never able to acquire the art of maintaining a glowing spark to distract how deep I am in my own head. Their greenish glow flickers, sending a morse coded s.o.s.

Pay attention to those two Lie Detectors because they are always dosed with Truth Serum.

I love to hate the fight and you in my life is like sippin’ on straight Chlorine… -Twenty One Pilots

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