My favorite time if the night, this midnight hour brings a sense of calm and inspiration tonight. The sky is escape room black with silver splats twinkling bright. The air is that late January chill, the atmosphere is “after a rainstorm” calm.

Going through old notebooks in reference of my past nightmares, editing and typing away. Soon this masterpiece will be shared, soon I will introduce Mystikx to the world.

This rush of inspiration is odd, sleep hasn’t been slept in three nights now. Yet this zombie state I’m in is in autopilot mode and it feels somewhat exhilarating in an exhaustive way.

My Nightmare Before Christmas mug has an amazing elixir of coffee and vanilla cream, perfectly balanced and perfectly hot. My ears are completely covered and consumed in these headphones, the soundtrack to Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse has become my brain’s latest addiction. Currently Way Up by Jaden Smith is spinning, I’m into it.

The screen from my Surface is glowing as line after line is being conjured up as each thought is pulled from my cerebral. Crazy as this may sound, I find an understanding within these twisted nightmares, I find a small familiarity within these monster riddled woods. I wish i had the same understanding and familiarity with love, unfortunately past relationships have only taught me everything that love isn’t. It’s kinda comical when you are more comfortable with pain than love, I hope one day that this comfort of mine is reversed.

I’m insane but on my toes
I could keep the world balanced on my nose
I had a slumber party wit’ all my foes
Now I wear them like a badge of honor on my clothes…” – Blackway & Black Caviar

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