Single Blow

There I was, in my own little world, working on the new manuscript while enjoying a cinnamon shortbread latte. Comfy on the couch, cozy in this hoodie. Watching Hawaii Five-O while one earbud is injecting inspiration into my left eardrum. Minding my own business, then this song’s queue begins to play. There goes my focus, here comes the thoughts.

One single song is all it takes…like a single blow to the heart.

My last made me feel like I would never try again
But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt
Come closer, give you all my love
If you treat me right, baby, I’ll give you everything
I’ll never give my all again
‘Cause I’m sick of falling down
When I open up and give my trust
They find a way to break it down
Tell me it’s alright, break me down…” -Trevor Daniel

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