Yellow Surrounded 🌻

Last night I dreamt that I was running, freshly cut greener than green grass rolling beyond my vision. Up ahead, an aged tree full of wisdom with its varied branches.

The sun pinned in an ocean blue sky, not a single cumulus to be found or pondered on. Feeling out of breath, my lungs near collapsing, my attention is captured by an image to my left. It was You.

You were running beside me also losing oxygen, yet running we kept doing. Towards that wise old tree seemed to be a mutual destination.

Suddenly, your handsome image was no longer in my peripheral. Looking back I had seen that you were down on the ground, trying to move yet frozen you remained. Without a second thought I ran back, grabbed your hands to aid in lifting You up. Then your arm over my shoulders, we strolled forward. “I’m holding you back, leave me behind.” is what you said to me, my response was simple, “I’ve got you. Always.”.

As we approached that infamous tree, we sat down in attempts to rest. Our eyes met, your lips slipped a “thank you”, my lips slipped “no need to thank me, I’d never leave you behind.” Lying on the grass, catching oxygen, a single sunflower popped up from the earth. Then a ripple of Sunflowers followed. Before we knew it, yellow surrounded everywhere.

Your hand held mine then….

There goes my alarm…time to do this life thing.

What does this mean…? Why can’t I get You outta my head…?

You’ll be left in the dust, unless I stuck by ya. You’re a sunflower… -Post Malone

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