Hello 2019

Hello 2019…

A fresh 365 has been presented itself, a blank canvas waiting to be painted with inspirations, aspirations, dreams, goals and 4k kindness.

Right here, in this moment, you have a decision to write down, fold and place in the your right pocket for safe keeping. You have to decide how the next 52 weeks are going to be spent.

Last year was conjured with major moves, cemented lessons and dreams I never thought possible. I have learned to let go of the last few ounces of pain that I thought needed to be kept. I re-learned who I am and reconnected with the contentment that was temporarily misplaced. Tests were thrown my way and while in the past a fail would’ve been the only option in my line of vision, Aces were the grade I was after. A new found confidence grew within my bones, a new found warmth rushed through my heart. This rush caused me to become at war with myself, as my mind tried diligently to ignore it that rush grew stronger. A balance needed to be found, a dose of courage needed to be injected. It was indeed a beautifully chaotic year.

2019 has merely begun and already moves have been set into motion causing a ripple of excitement, motivation and boss plans.

Let go of your past pain..let go of any regret, grievances and grudges you may be holding too tightly to. Regain that love for yourself..regain that kindness towards the world and regain every possibility you once deemed impossible.

Speak truths without judgement..lend your time without repayment..lend your shoulders and ears without silencing (quick to listen, slow to respond)..jump into Love courageously without hesitation..and above all, Be you(niqely) you without approval from others.

Starting today, shake what needs to be shaken up..Morph each dream into a glowing lightbulb..Create spontaneous moments that will live forever..And don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown, your Jumpsuit will always be there.

Breathe life into your life.

XO – D

Now, I ain’t much of a poet
But I know somebody once told me to seize the moment
And don’t squander it
‘Cause you never know when it all could be over tomorrow… -Eminem

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