**Here we are, just you and I.

The bonfire crackling as the embers float up into the midnight atmosphere.

The diamond studded sky twinkling in mini bursts, each representing a wish casted up into the universe.

The air is calmingly still yet chilled on this winter solstice night.

You sitting behind me, holding me in your arms. Our world frozen in time as we get lost in conversations about anything and everything, moments of depth intertwining.

No walls, unguarded and exposed is my heart and for the first time I’m not reverting to stealth mode.

The ocean waves soothingly sweep in and out across the sand as our dreams and nightmares are shared.

Biting the bullet I spill my secret, telling you how I feel about you. Scared of every downfall possible. Then you respond, matching my feelings as a single last first kiss seals the deal.**

Then my alarm goes off…this beautiful moment is merely a dream…but, what a beautiful dream it is…

As the day rushes by, a single song causes my tracks to pause as my mind shifts to the thought of you…

I begin to wonder what your actual response would be if I were to actually spill the tea…

What if…

I want you forever even when we’re not together… -Machine Gun Kelly

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