Kiss & Quit

Thinking of you…

I can’t quit you, I’ve tried, but something in this universe won’t allow me to…

I don’t even know you, yet you feel like home. How is that possible..

How is any of this possible…

Tell me handsome stranger, what do I do..

I love the lightning but hate the rain
Tomorrow’s frightening but not today
Wish I could slow down time
But not enough to slow you down

I feel like the moon

Is spinning off into outer space without you
The universe an empty place without you…” -Blink 182


Now can I, lay underneath you?
While they play all the previews
And I’ll pretend like I’m restin’
Maybe you’ll skip to the end and
Pass all the irrational decisions
Patch up all the passion that was missin’…” -MGK

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