Yes, I’m Stubborn

World: “Mmm, what smells so good?”

Me: “Oh, I made Greek chicken with rice, want some?.”

World: “Please and thank you. So, while you serve up that deliciousness let’s talk..”

Me: “About….?”

World: “You know what. While you’re focusing on your career, you’re continuing to avoid the fact that this lone wolf life you’ve chosen to live these last few years is silently killing your heart.”

Me: “Yeah well, my heart doesn’t always know what’s best for it, so I have to continue to protect it.”

World: “Firstly, your heart always knows what’s best, you just keep shutting it up. And what about your dreams, still ignoring them..?”

Me: “Agree to disagree on that and yes, they’re just dreams. They don’t mean anything.”

World: “Stubborn much..”

Me: “Dude, it’s been a long day, I really just want to eat and relax tonight. What do you want from me?”

World: “I want you to admit that you’re scared to put your heart out there. I want you to admit that you believe in true love. I want you to take a leap of faith and pay attention to your dreams and I want you to please write down the recipe for this chicken!”

Me: “No….No….No…and sure, I’ll jot down the recipe for you.”

World: “You’re stubbornness is astounding. I can’t wait to give you the “I told you” speech when love smashes into your life.”

Me: “Mhmmmm, sure. I look forward to your lovely speech.”

World: “So, what are we watching tonight?”

Me: “A Million Little Things.”

World: “I love that show! Wait…you’re watching a make you feel all the feels show…”

Me: “Shut up…”

the universe an empty place without you… -Blink 182

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