Neon Shades

Writing by the glow of Christmas lights gleaming from the tree, these once again inspired thoughts are streaming while my ears are entertained by Spotify’s Christmas playlist. The caffeine from this iced macchiato keeps the frame of my mental focus level as I type away, placing a few new pieces on this current project before sealing it off (like Mr. King said, a book is never complete.).

Too much time has passed with that uninspired cloud looming over my head, too much pain has resided in my chest from that anxiety filled gremlin. For the first time in weeks my lungs can actually breathe easily, my cerebral is beginning to see the neon shades splattered within this world again.

As inspired and focused as my mind is, this stubborn heart won’t let go of your handsome image. Out of blue your name rings in my eardrums as your face conjures itself in my mind, temporarily interrupting my train of thought. All from the next song Spotify chose to play. A smile sneaks it’s way onto my face, this happens anytime I think of you, anytime you pop into my dreams.

I still am not able to figure out why this happens, I’m still not able to tell you any of this. So, I write about it. I don’t know if your eyes ever come across these blogs of mine and if they do I don’t even know if you’d know that they’re about you. All I can say for sure is that I’ll remain living in the unknown.

Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is you… -Michael Bublé

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