Time goes by and still I’m stuck on you… -ID

14…the number of months that I’ve been double focusing on my writing and trying to not think of you…

“Don’t think about him, don’t think about him…”, these words run on a loop through my mind and for the most part this little motto has been working…

Then out of the blue your image pops itself into my mind…a certain song, a line from a movie, a chapter from a book, writing by the Christmas lights…these moments are out of my control and so again I run through the motto…

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I have learned that certain reasons never reveal themselves, you just need to go with the universe’s flow. I need to know why this is happening though…

I wish I had that memory eraser from Men in Black…

I’ve been a zombie, I’m feeling like I’ve been locked in a grave… -ID

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