I don’t have friends, I got family… -Dominic Torreto

These days personality aspects such as honesty, loyalty, compassion and kindness are becoming a rarity found in us humans. Being able to trust, to count on and to be able to confide in without suspicion or fear of loose lips is unbalanced.

I, myself, have a hard time trusting others therefore have difficulty opening up. Once upon a time ago I didn’t have these qualities, my heart resided on my left sleeve and my thoughts as open as a best selling book. Life, however, tossed in a handful of toxic humans causing a ripple effect that set up walls.

While trust from another must be installed into my cerebral before entrance into my personal side is given, there are those that have always been my rocks. These gold hearts know the inside outs of my interworkings, they’ve seen my best and stood by me at my darkest. My back is always protected, as their’s are too. Their tongues aren’t sharpened with judgment or toxicity, their ears are always open. And, even though certain words may sting, these beautiful people say them in a caring manner.

These people are my squad, we look out for one another.

These are the people whom I’ll ride through any storm for, I know they’d do the same.

No matter how chaotic life gets. No matter where life takes us on this globe, we are eternally bonded.

These people are my boomerangs.

These are the type of people you need to have in your squad, in your life.

Be strong enough to delete toxic forms from your atmosphere and cherish your boomerangs.

In Trench I’m not alone, these faces facing me, they know what I mean… -Twenty One Pilots

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