Sneaky Grin

A chilled 57* and that beautiful Cheshire cat moon grins from 250 thousand miles up…

Snug under the covers, sipping on a steaming mug of BlackBerry cinnamon tea and listening to Home is Such a Lonely Place by Blink 182 while jotting down thought after thought on these blue lines…

Hoppus sings the line, “this universe an empty place without you…” which triggers your image to pop into my mind. I don’t even know you, yet those above words rings true like violin strings playing in the background…

Nights have been spent staying away from the Sandman, no zzzz’s equals no dreams. These dreams these past months have been nothing short of bittersweet. This comatose vision of you and me is sweet. The way you look at me, your eyes piercing right past my disorder, my scars. What most choose not to see past, you have made glow. For all you see is who I truly am at my core. Your eyes are beautiful and that smile of yours, damn your handsome…

Then Sunshine Riptide begins to play, signaling my cue to get up, outta bed and face the world. In that moment of that first morning stretch the realization that these dreams are ones that aren’t meant to come true is so bitter…

Tonight…tonight I think I’ll try and catch a few of those notorious zzz’s. If a dream of you sneaks in, then that’s just the bright red cherry on top. Besides, these days I need a little sweetness…

Mmmm, this tea is pretty tasty and how I do love that luminous sneaky grin moon.

I want you forever even when we’re not together… -Machine Gun Kelly

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