A moment or two is what this soul of mine needs…

A helpful hint is what my mind searches for…

A dose of guidance is what my heart prays for…

The day has switched places with the night and the sun has sunken into the glowing atmosphere.

Hoodie on..crisp breeze kissing the goosebumps on my neck..the warm sands cooling down…

Eyes closed..deep breath..and listen…

Dear waves, help me out here. I need advice, I can’t shake this feeling let alone understand why this feeling ever came into existence. I’ve exhausted every idea as to how to let this feeling go, every lightbulb has burnt out trying to ignore this. A feeling that is unknown territory for my heart and mind. So, I ask waves…what do I do?

I just need a moment or two.

The softest echo could be enough for me to make it through… -Twenty One Pilots

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