10 Years Ago

The piece below was something I messed around with years ago. Inspiration came from a band who I am forever hooked to.

**To those who posses creative eyes, who see the world in charcoal black and champaign white. Those who spiral in shades of pillow talk pink and passion punch orange. The ones who know that the stars aren’t something you can just switch on and off,
they glow one night and burn out the next, but when they shine it’s Cosmic heaven…

To those who are the secret angels who wake up every morning on purpose, for they are the undercover gaurdians who carry the burden of putting the broken world right. They fight the “normal” arch enemies in their land of Labelism. Where light sabers slash the decieving characature revealing it’s true identity. A six letter word in a dictionary…

To those who are the day one members of the overcast club, who protect their hearts with their blue umbrellas on even the sunniest of days. The ones who know that their black clouded storms cannot exceed outside their four security blanketed walls, for one step outside their front door, enforces all defenses making them become ultimate ironmen…

To those who live in a world where masquerade balls are fashioned more than friday night parties,
To those who live in this world, not because they have to, but because at the moment it’s the one that makes them appear more intriging and less “different”…**

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