Welcome to Trench

World.. “So, whatcha up to tonight?”

Me.. “Well, the entire Trench album was just released on Spotify so…playin’ that on a loop.”

World.. “Wait, you didn’t listen to it three days ago when it was leaked?”

Me.. “Nope.”

World.. “Why not?”

Me.. “It’s called respect dude.”

World.. “What are you trying to say?”

Me.. “I think you know what I’m saying, now if you don’t mind..I’m busy here.”

World.. “You’re eating ice cream and listening to music…”

Me.. “That’s called multitasking..”

World.. “You can’t be…”

Me.. “Shhhh…”

Surrounded and up against the wall, I’ll shred ’em all and go with you… -Twenty One Pilots

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