You may not realize, but you have been one of the biggest impacts in my life. You never judged me, you never felt pity towards me and you never treated me differently because of my EB. You taught me what true friendship meant and what it means to have ones back. To never judge based on the outside cover and most importantly… The only approval you need in life is your own. I could confide anything with you and know that it wasn’t going to be next day’s gossip. You and I are different yet the same in a variety of aspects. And I want you to know that you’re not just a friend, you’re family. I love you man! 😉 No matter where life may take us, no matter the distance driven between us, I am always here for you…No matter what. Just light up that Bat signal in the night sky…I’ll be there.

Happy Birthday Shadow…🖤

What’s my age again… -Blink 182

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