White Flag…

So, the past few months I have been distant from friends, social media and the world in general. The publisher that my book is under has dropped the ball when promoting my book. Everything they said that their company does hasn’t been happening. I have been given the run around, it has been frustrating. The blog tours and promotional posts have been from companies outside of the publisher I’m with. I came to a point in this whole process where I had to make a decision, take it into my own hands or give up. As my Dad says, “Sabos never give up”. It has been stressful and overwhelming. Moments of depression have hit. My anxiety has been a rollercoaster, days where it’s manageable and days where I just want to escape. I know it’s worth it in the end. I just wanted to apologize if I seem off, because I have been.

When everyone you thought you knew deserts your fight, I’ll go with you…you’re facing down a dark hall, I’ll grab my light and go with you… -Twenty One Pilots

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