24 Hours

Once in a while you wake up and realize that your only obligation to society, to the world is to pause your life and stay in. The only task invisibly written in your planner is to take care of you.

Do whatever it is that’s going to allow you to clear your mind…to breathe.

Today was that day for myself. Last night was rough…the current events in my life has placed my mind racing at 180 mph, sleep downgraded from a few hours to zero hours and my stomach was in knots.

Stress is as much a monster as Anxiety.

Today my phone was silenced and only check a couple of times just in case…today I made comfort food, enjoyed every bite…today I sipped on an iced coffee, sweet liquid caramel crack 😉.

Today I indulged in a few episodes of Gilmore Girls while jotting down a few thoughts and next moves…today I took care of me.

Sometimes you need to just pause life…24 hrs for you.

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