A little Q with a side of A.

The Perks of Being Different did this fun Q&A, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

The Questions:

Do you usually have your phone on Vibrate, Silent, or full-on Sound?

– My phone is usually kept on vibrate, unless I know I’m expecting an important call or Skype then the volume is turned on.

Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea is my ringtone and Sunshine Riptide is what plays when my morning alarm goes off.

Do you prefer your ice cream in a cone or a cup?

I scoop the ice cream into a bowl and crunch the cone on top. I’m weird like that 😉

Did you ever play the game Four Square as a kid?

I did, more or less in elementary school.

Pogs and Pokemon cards were big in jr. high and then I really got into video games during high school.

Do you like college-ruled or wide-ruled paper better?

I prefer college-ruled, although, I’m not really that picky. I have a few notebooks that are wide-ruled. I bought them because I liked the covers to them.

What is your number one favorite TV series that runs for 30 minutes per episode?

Friends…hands down!

Is there something you fear?

-Clowns & porcelain dolls

Have you ever dyed your hair?

-I have highlights in my hair, so yes.

What’s your favorite fruit?

– I like a lot of different fruits, but I am partial to a good banana.

Which song makes you feel powerful?

– Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea by Fall Out Boy is my current anthem.

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