Flaws & All

I wish I could give you the entire world and everything in it…

I wish I could give you an unblemished body, but unfortunately scars have embedded themselves sporadically amongst my freckles and ink…

I wish I could present you with a perfect heart, however a few pieces have gone m.i.a. from relationships past.

I wish you could look into my eyes and not witness the pain that is swirled into them, but like Imagine Dragons warns, “when you feel my heat look into my eye, it’s where my demons hide…”…

I wish I could say that my mind’s image mirrors that of a Disneyland map, but it mirrors more like Halloweentown where dark alleys are tunneled underneath the intelligence and intrigue…

I wish I could tell you that I don’t come equipped with walls that need to be broken down, but I’d be lying…

I wish I could say that my closet is bone free, but open the left door and you’ll see my skeletons neatly organized…


Even storms have rainbows.

This body may be scarred, but it has been through hell and back on more than one occasion, and it still stands strong.

This heart may bare stitches, but it is 100% authentic. This ticker beats hard and loves hard.

These hazel spheres may house a smidge of darkness, but their Christmas lights are beautifully blinding.

This mind may be a second cousin to Pandora, but it sparks with creativity, wit, humor, a dash of sarcasm and a touch of intellectual satisfaction.

These walls are titanium strength, but with a little patience and trust they will eventually collapse like the Great Wall.

And as for those skeletons, well, who doesn’t have a few of those. Coincidentally they’re great as Halloween decor.

I’m not perfect…I’m not always going to say the right words…I will mess up from time to time…but, I will always try…I will always apologize…I will always ride every storm out with you. Every piece that’s left of me I’ll give to you and more importantly, I promise to love you flaws and all.

Without you I feel broke like I’m half of a whole, without you I’ve got no hand to hold, without you I feel torn like a sail in a storm…Without you I’m just a sad song… -We the Kings

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