Today I want to be anybody…

Anybody other than myself.

The cerebral storm is paralyzing and my skin is suffocatingly shrinking against my tiny skeletal frame, tighter and tighter in every tic of that toc clock. Cutting off every deep feeling of touch and pausing the flow of the blue plasma.

This invisible boxer inside my internal ring is ruthlessly throwing dirty punches.

The reflection on the looking glass has a Die Hard mission in mocking my bones today. The arsenal is fully loaded containing demonized grenades, villainous A-K 47’s locked & loaded with cursed bullets and lastly, a grip of numbing smoke bombs.

93.7% of these fading days consist of improvising contentment and a genuine humbled smile. But, not today…

Nope, today is one of those rare 6.3% days were I want to be anybody other than myself.

So, with my hood on and headphones shielding, I step outside. For the world still spins on its axis and I still have a life needing to be lived.


All these voices in my head get loud, I wish that I could shut them out… -NF

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