Entertainer Blogger Award

Firstly, thank you to Andrea over at The Perks of Being Different for nominating me to attach a few answers to a few fun questions. These types of posts are cool and they give you a few fun facts about the bloggers you follow. So without further ado…

Why did you start blogging in the first place?

-I began this whole blogging journey in hopes of finding contentment within myself. This life of mine has been anything, but easy or boring, I was definitely dealt that “shit” card in my hand. A lot of mental struggles came attached with the physical struggles. Writing and blogging became apart of my outlets, a way of healing myself instead of harming myself. I continue to blog about my scars in hopes that it helps someone out there who is going through or has gone through their own struggles. 🖤

What is your favourite book?

I love this question, but it is hard to answer. It’s like asking what’s my favorite song. I have to say though, I’ve always been very partial to The Great Gatsby. 🖤

What do you dislike the most?

I know that I could answer this question with a serious aspect, but instead we’re going to to dip into my weirdness here. I dislike mushrooms. I do, I just don’t like them. I do like those little mushroom toads in the Mario Bros. games, you know those guys with the cute red or green polka dotted mushroom heads. Actual mushrooms, nope and I’ve tried liking them believe me. I don’t mind their earthy flavor so much, it’s their texture I just can’t seem to get past. To phrase my five year old self, “they’re squishy “. I’ve tried. 🍄😝

What is your favorite food at the mall?

Oooo, now we’re talking, food. Mall food? I’ve got to go with pizza. I love a slice of New York style pizza. Bomb! 🍕😋

What is your favorite pastime?

Part of me wants to say a baseball game because I have grown to love sporting events thanks to my Dad, Go Yankees! Part of me wants to say a good ol’ fashioned piece of apple pie because, well, foodie over here. But, I’m going to go with the ultimate classic, summer days/ nights at the beach. Blue skies, warm vitamin-d sunrays, soothing sand and ocean, family and friends, bonfires and s’mores. You just can’t beat it. 😎🏖

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