Mystery Award

Well it’s happened humans…I’ve been tagged. 😅 Thank you to also known as The Perks of Being Different blog for the tag. These are always fun to do and it’s a great way of helping to promote your favorite bloggers. Ok humans, grab a refreshing beverage, a tasty snack and let’s do this.

1. What is the most recent song you discovered by watching a movie / series?

Trouble by Cage the Elephant. I first heard the hook to this song being played near the ending of an episode of Bull. I instantly fell in love with the lyrics I heard, so I grabbed my phone and downloaded it to my Spotify.

2. On what did you spend your first earned salary on?

The first item I bought was a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I love to bake and that bad boy made mixing batters and doughs so much easier. I love that machine. 😂

3. If your old school would organize a reunion, would you go? How would you behave?

Yeah, that’s going to be a solid No. Long story short I was bullied in High School, so going back to attend a reunion isn’t something I would do.

4. Who is your “famous person” crush?

Music Artist: Joshua Dun… can we just take a moment to appreciate that man’s gorgeousness. Seriously, who gave him the right to be that sexy.

Actor: Channing Tatum…do I even need to explain why? Nope, didn’t think so.

5. Does the culture of the country you’re currently live in suits you?

Honestly, no. A majority of the people here in the US have gotten so self absorbed, judgmental and greedy. It’s as though human beings forgot how to be human beings. Don’t twist this up though, there are still kind humans sprinkled within these lands. Those kind souls keep my faith in our species lit.

6. Favorite childhood memory?

Wow, ummm, hang on. There’s too many to choose from. A lot of my favorite childhood memories were days spent at the beach. Family, friends, plenty of food, sand and ocean, bonfires and s’mores. The love and laughter embodied in every sunset.

7. Explain the tagline of your blog.

In a world where being genuine is lacking, I want anyone who stumbles upon my blog to know that these thoughts of mine are in fact mine. Their honesty, rawness, craziness, beautifulness and chaotic madness are genuine.

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