Cooking & Blogging

So, I’ve been wanting to write, however, lately my mind has been occupied elsewhere. I just moved into a new apartment, which as we all know is it’s own crazy ride. Coming up in June I will be engaging in a week long blog tour, excitement yet anxiety keep swirling inside my head. During the nights I grab that pen and notebook in hopes of releasing a few trapped thoughts, but these pages remain blank. Hopefully I’ll be able to conjure up a piece soon. Until then, I saw this post by The Perks of Being Different and it seemed fun. I figured that I could answer a few q’s while cooking up dinner and watching Fast 8 (multi-tasking).

What’s the time of day you enjoy blogging the most?

I am a night owl, I love the midnight atmosphere. Between the star studded sky and the crickets singing their blue love songs, the creative juices flow a bit easier.

How do you promote your blog?

I don’t really promote my blog, it is more of a personal hobby. I share my posts to my Facebook and Twitter, but that’s about it.

Do you think being an only child is a good, or bad thing? Why?

It depends, but personally I think that having siblings is awesome and beneficial. It teaches you certain life lessons that you probably wouldn’t learn being an only child such as sharing, comprising and being there for others in times of need.

What’s your ideal weather?

I love a rainy day. The gloomy sky filled with gray clouds, rain trickling down and a few thunder bursts rumbling through. The perfect day for writing, sipping on a latte, reading, movies and cooking up some comfort food. Like today…Yeah

1. Which Disney or Looney Tunes charater does your own character relate to?

It’s a toss up between Jack Skellington and Stitch.

2. Would you like to go back to the 90’s, a time without internet?

Absolutely, the 90’s were awesome!

3. Do you like to cook from scratch? (make your own sauces, own dough from bread/pasta etc.)

I do like to cook from scratch, I don’t always get to but when I do 😋.

4. What would you do on a first date?

I know this probably sounds cheesy, but I think that pizza and a movie is a great first date. Anything easy going, first dates are anxious enough.

5. Whats’ your favorite way of transportation?

I love them all…car, plane, train, subway and walking.

6. What’s your favorite emoji ? 🦒🍩☕👀😈😋🖤

My nominees are those that I haven’t seen written an Award post for some time and also ladies only 😉

Maybe that’s for a reason?
Don’t ever feel pressured, but if you would like to the take the opportunity please do 🙂 And if I haven’t tagged you and you feel like answering these questions, you can participate anytime!

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