Short and Unsweetened

Can you feel it?

That all too familiar, yet unwanted feeling. It has been quite some time sense the last visit, I had hoped I’d never encounter this again.

A tiny black droplet that begins to slowly drip in between every nook and cranny of your cerebral. It then trickles down your spine, causing every bump to goose.

Your mind begins to race as your heart shifts into protective mode, sending calming pulses in hopes of avoiding what it fears is inevitable.

That mischievous drip continues to travel through the veins, releasing its poison. Symptoms of overthinking and doubt present themselves.

Contentment diminishes as fear seeps in.

In this moment, this dark moment, all you can do is hope that it passes during the sunrise. But, for now the only control you have is in keeping your hand over your mouth to silence the tears streaming down your cheeks.

This feeling is temporary, yet it packs a punch.

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