When Everything Else Fails…

Every downfall teaches a lesson. Every wound heals into a scar. Every broken heart gets stitched back up. Every broken human has their story tattooed under their skin.

I have definitely learned my share of lessons thus far and have earned my scars from fought battles. I have too many stitches to count embedded in my heart and silently share bits n’ pieces of my past through my ink.

This world is a beautiful place, but darkness still breathes within the back allies. There are beautiful humans residing on this spinning marble, but not all are genuine.

When everything else fails, there are three aspects of life that I believe to ring true.

Firstly….Everything happens for a reason. We may not understand nor like the outcome of a situation, but non the less there is always a reason behind its occurrence. There may even be moments when we never uncover the reason, all we can do is try and find a piece of contentment to keep in our pockets knowing that not everything in life is in our control.

No matter the reason, good or bad, it was meant to happen.

Secondly….Time doesn’t heal wounds, it merely allows the pain of that wound to lessen as time passes. Time slowly pushes that painful memory to the back of your mind so that you recall on it few and far between.

Doses of forgiveness is what heals wounds. If you hold onto painful memories with too tight of a grip, then you’ll never allow your wounds to heal, you’ll never be able to move forward. It doesn’t matter if you’re forgiving yourself or another person, as long as you forgive your wounds will heal.

Lastly….When everything else fails, love stands strong. No matter how treacherous the storm…No matter how much time passes…No matter the distance between two hearts…Love stands strong.

Time is just that…time. A numerical incriminate counting grains of sand in hourglasses. Storms are simply storms. A wicked weather combination temporarily testing our strength, like a jr. high pop quiz. Distance is nothing, but inches, feet, yards or miles. Varying measurements, that’s all.

When everything else fails…Love stands strong.

Everything happens for a reason, Forgive, Love.

You may not remember what someone did to you, you may not remember what someone said to you, but you will always remember how someone made you feel… -Maya Angelou

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