About Me?

There is no greater agony than an untold story inside you… -Maya Angelou

So, Andrea who is the brilliant mind behind “The Perks of being Different” blog recently posted a blog describing how she came up with her blog name, site link and tagline.

I have to agree with her in that I’ve noticed that not too many bloggers fill in an “About Me” section. I think it’s important to place at least a small amount of info in that section, it gives any visitors a more personal view behind your blog. It’s like a behind the scenes.

Question though, how many visitors actually read a blogger’s “About Me”? I read every “About Me” of a blogger I’m interested in following. I tend to understand the meanings invisibly written within their blog posts.

So, with that being said….here’s your behind the scenes look.

Blog Name…

Genuinely Derra. Why genuinely? Because out of all of the things I’ve witnessed and learned about this world, the level of genuineness is unbalanced. So many of us post, tweet or write what we think others will like. What will get us the “likes” and “shares”. By doing this we stop sharing who we truly are with the world, instead we morph into these strange shapes that are filled with others opinions rather than our own. Genuinely Derra is me sharing my own opinions, thoughts and experiences.

The main inspiration behind Genuinely Derra started out as a personal venture. My life is definitely interesting, I’ve had countless good times and a few very dark moments. I needed to find an outlet, for, I am not one who excels at always being able to express certain emotions on a verbal level. Only a handful of humans on this earth can I be truly open with, who I trust. However, give me a pen and notebook and I won’t be able to shut up.

Writing gave me, and continues to give me, that outlet. Writing allows me to share my mind with all of you. Writing has allowed me to heal many past wounds.

Site Name…

Well, I mean, I just figured the blog name should mirror the site name. genuinelyderra.com πŸ€“

Tag Line…

“My thoughts for your enjoyment! You’re welcome!”

I think I’m adorable and funny πŸ˜‰

When you get a chance head on over to my “About Me” and learn a little something about, well, me. Make sure you head over to Andrea’s blog as well. It’s an awesome blog!

Where we’re from we’re no one, our hometown’s in the dark… -Twenty One Pilots

One thought on “About Me?

  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks for mentioning me!

    I have always loved the word “Genuine” and it has a wonderful meaning.
    It’s a bit like mine, just sharing experience but not giving advice.

    Happy you did this blog! πŸ™‚


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