Scar Constellations

Scars…permanent stitched memories mapping out our body’s past.

For too long I was ashamed by certain scars of mine while embarrassed by others. As Father Time pushed the hour hand, I worked on healing my shameful embarrassment. I worked my ass off on becoming comfortable and even proud of my scars. For these scars my body holds are memories of adventures and life lessons. Some scars I am able to keep concealed while others hide themselves deep down. Some of these scarred constellations are physical while others are mental.

Atop my head, underneath these burnette locks is a small divot where a baseball smacked. Moving south, behind my right ear past a fairy tattoo, you’ll see a small scar that was born out of hitting rock bottom at the young age of seventeen. Continuing downwards to the center of my chest you’ll find one of the handful of scars left as souvenirs from childhood surgeries.

If you make a U-turn up to my right shoulder then continue south past the Jack & Sally ink, you’ll find the permant bruise that decided to stay after I left a toxic time in my life.

My life, my love, my drive, they came from..Pain… -Imagine Dragons

Now traveling around to my left hip is another surgical scar, and a couple remain on my arm located underneath one last piece of ink. The unseen scars that reside in my cerebral are silently humming beautiful blue tunes, yet every now and again they create thunderstorms.

These scar constellations, physical and mental, are a map of my life, scars that aided in forming the human who is writing this blog.

Be proud of you who you are, you’ve overcome the deepest storms.

Be proud of your scar constellations, they are the key to a brilliant future.

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