Skeletons and Dirty Laundry

Moment of pure honesty… the dark back alleys in our closets is where we store our skeletons and the back left corner has a pile or two of our dirty laundry. All of our closets are like this, however, we hide these objects because we feel we need to in order to properly reside in this world.

Look, your skeletons are evermore important for they represent the storms you’ve endured and overcame. Those piles of dirty laundry, yep they’re important as well. They represent the mistakes and lessons in present progress. See, where you might see ugliness hidden within your closet I see a life that’s been/ being lived. The reason ugliness is first seen by our irises is due to the bad vibes swirling throughout the atmosphere.

Society has hypnotized us into believing that we must present ourselves in a state of perfection. Our lives are nicely polished, sparkling and slick, not a speck or smeared fingerprint in sight. Social media has aided in this fake facade. Filters mask our profile photos, forming our scarred and freckled faces into flawlessness. Twitter and Facebook allow us to create stormless lives where we can all play pretend. Yep, not a bone or stain exists. Negativity and judgment levels continue to rise in this world which simply adds to the excuses we feed ourselves as to why we need to remain spotless.

While I am honest via my social media, I am guilty of indulging into those Snapchat filters a little too much. My insecurities talk me into morphing my imperfect beauty into pure porcelain. Rarely do I post a picture of my focused face and I hate that. While I don’t hide my skeletons or dirty laundry, I, for whatever reason, feel the need to cover my “facial mud” with makeup. This is something that I’m working on, truly loving yourself is actually a very complicated relationship. Much harder than presumed.

I truly believe that we are all trying to become completely comfortable with our lives, past and present, and with ourselves, but we’ll never achieve this 100%. Even the most confident human has a skeleton they’re covering. That’s ok though. No one is molded without an Achilles heel. You may not be proud of who you were, but you should be proud of who you’ve become. Be proud of the storms you’ve fought. Learn from the every lesson. Love you, love every scar and every freckle, unfiltered.

Dirty laundry looks good on you -All Time Low

PS. These days my heart seems to be overpowering my mind, part of me is loving this new unfamiliar feeling and part of me is hating the anxiousness that’s stirring my insides. So with that being said, I have a message for my “Jack”…I promise that when we find one another, I will fall in love with all of you; skeletons, dirty laundry and all.

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