Reese’s and Cupid

Oh Valentine’s Day, that special day studded with passion red roses, cheesy romantic cards and heart shaped peanut butter cups. That day when couples express their love for one another on amped up levels, the exchange of sparkling gifts and dancing embraced in each others arms after a romance filled dinner. That one day where Cupid flys about shooting his arrows of Love throughout the skies. Oh yes, February 14th is truly the most romantic day of the year. One can’t help, but feel blushed with a bursting heart.

For some of us though, Valentine’s Day isn’t 24 hours exploding with conversational hearts and love songs. I’ll admit, that for me personally, I have a salty sassiness when V-Day swoops in. Unfortunately, this day is tainted by heartbreak and tearful moments. Bad luck just continues to attach itself to Cupid’s spotlight. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the aspect of Valentine’s Day and who knows hopefully one day my salty sassiness will morph into heart shaped sparks residing within my eyes, until that day occurs I shall maintain my tradition of Chinese food, Reeses peanut butter cups that are conveniently shaped like hearts and action movie filled singleness. I’m thinking The Fate of the Furious will be the feature film this Valentine’s Day.

One favor I ask is that you don’t allow drops of bitterness to ruin Valentine’sDay for you. Also, don’t allow any past bitterness to toxify anyone else’s flower and candy filled parade. I know that a selection of us caught in that stage of loneliness feel as though we have the right to wallow in our small temporary pity party and we do, but we don’t have the right to have our gloomy clouds rain on those who love this day. To each their own for which side you choose.

And hey, there’s no shame in taking yourself out or buying yourself a little something. Treat yourself, you deserve it. Shoot, I bought myself the new Jeffree Star Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette and I know I’ll love it when it gets here.

However you spend the 14th, whether it’s with your special someone, your buds, your gal pals or you turn that night into “me time” I hope that you enjoy Valentine’s Day.

If you were church, I’d get on my knees, confess my love, I’d know where to be, my sanctuary, you’re holy to me… -Fall Out Boy

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