A variety of labels, I wear them upon my skin. Fifty percent of these labels I am honored to wear, the remaining fifty percent I continually rip from my scarred frame in hopes that they’ll never restitch themselves.

I am…

Keith and Carla’s Daughter

Zach and Alyssa’s Sister

Carl and Marilyn’s Granddaughter

Rick’s Goddaughter

I am a cousin, a niece and a friend.

I am an acquaintance and enemy

I am a quiet soul and a force of nature…

On the B side of this world I am…

Society’s freak

Damaged goods




Broken toy

I am the ignorant human’s punching bag…

Well, allow me a moment to enlighten you as to who I actually am.

I am the original 1984 that always has the backs of all my Jacks. Mess with me if you are completely bored, but my loved ones you will not touch. Try and a brilliant magic trick of witnessing a shy sweet human morph into the Hulk with dazzle your small mind.

I am the original 1984 who holds a special place within my core for this great big world and all of its beautifully twisted glory. No matter the level of darkness the sleepless nights bring with its graveyard sunsets, my eyes will repeatedly fall back in love with every blinking star and their brilliant moon.

I am the original 1984 that has the bittersweet privilege of having a broken brain that runs one million miles a minute and is fueled by golden memories and an unclear future. A menacing mind where darkened thoughts constantly spin tornado style. Where demons from blinding years past lurk in the deepest corners. A cerebral that revels within the seven minute peace found in between the twenty four hour storms.

I am the original 1984 nobody that was born with a misfit skeletal frame. A human who was never supposed to exist for long, just a temporary ticket was purchased. I have bones that refuse to disintegrate and a soul that throws a tantrum whenever I try to blow out its flame. A lovely cursed life living with a human heart that feels deeply, loves deepest and a mechanical mind that thinks deeper. A curse I gladly bare.

I am iDerra.

“When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark…” –Mad Hatter

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