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Lyrical Therapy

Awhile back I wrote this piece in a throwback style. Remember those good ol’ days of living the iPod life? Yeah, me too. Today’s writing topic is in the music world. Inspiration and other aspects came/ come from music, especially for myself. These days all my music is downloaded onto my phone, however, within my keepsake box that life saving iPod is safely tucked away.

What genre, artist/ band or song inspires you?…


Solace is found in the sleekness of your jet black exterior. A sexy mechanical case that protects the technological hardware that clicks life into every gear and every wire. Your brightly lit screen displays a vast variety of downloaded medications that numb the cerebral migraine and band aid the internal gashes.

This candy apple red click wheel is somehow psychic. Its technical mind senses the core point of this current pain bleeding out. The morphine dosage is selected and a beautiful numbing agent begins to flow through inside and out.

Within these two earbuds, my invisible tears find peace. My human heart finds inspiration within these lyrics. My mechanical mind feeds off the aspirin like beats these drums vibrate. Within three minutes and forty seven seconds I find refuge.

Select… Play… Repeat… Breathe




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