Futuristic Pills of the Past

The image below is a screenshot off of my Instagram. As you can see, you have a choice between two different pills. 

Choose the blue pill and your life does a “back to the future”. You once again find yourself at the age of ten, a chance to basically start over with the advantage of maintaining the knowledge of your first-go-around at life. 

Choose the red pill and your life jumps to you now being forty-five years old, along with a nicely stocked bank account.

The blue pill intrigues me for one simple reason, I’ll remember my past mistakes, which hopefully won’t end up being repeated. What detours me away from “blue” is the fact that there are moments of my life I NEVER want to relive, what if history and I end up doing the same dance…

Also, I don’t believe that one should repeat the past in order to change the future, fate is cunning people, don’t mess with it.

Now that red pill, let’s face it money talks, loudly. Most would probably grab for the red pill with no hesitation. But, the catch here, at least from my perspective, is that you won’t have any recollection of that time jump. My thought process is referring to The Family Man with Nicolas Cage, fall asleep in your life and wake up in another version of your life with no memory as to how this version happened. 

I saw this in my Instagram feed a few nights ago and it has truly captured my brain. Blue pill? Red pill?

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